What is Ear Molding?

Ear molding is a simple, non-operative way to correct for abnormally shaped or prominent ears if your baby’s ears stick out, your baby’s ears are folded, or your baby’s ears have deformities.  Newborns and infants have soft, pliable cartilage in their ears, which can be reshaped using gentle forces.  Ear molding applies a constant re-directive force to the cartilage to bend back, unfurl, and improve the position and structure.

I currently use the EarWell device, which is a custom made for this purpose and consists of a soft silicone shell.  The device is perforated to allow for your baby to hear normally during the process.

Normal Ear Anatomy


Ear Molding – How is it done?

Do your baby’s ears stick out or are your baby’s ears folded? The EarWell ear molding device can be applied during the initial consultation after a history and physical exam is performed. The steps are simple and involve:


1. Shaving a small area of hair around the ear  how
2. Cleaning the skin and applying the device, which has a built-in adhesive that sticks to the skin  how2
3. Placing the ear in the desired position and shape using a soft silicone retainer and conchal conformer  how3
 4. Applying the protective cover and possibly further tape to prevent the device from falling off  how4

Follow-up exams are performed every two weeks and molding is continued until the desired results are achieved.

How Long Does Ear Molding Take?

Starting the ear molding process  early, when your child is less than two weeks old typically only requires 2-3 weeks of molding to achieve our desired result.  Sometimes I will continue the process with only double sided tape to fine tune our results.

If ear molding is started >2 weeks old***, the process is continued for 4-6 weeks until our desired result is reached.

*** I have successfully performed this procedure in children as old as five months using a modified technique.


How Successful Is Ear Molding?

Over 90% of all ear deformities can be completely corrected using this technique preventing the need for future operations. Ear molding is completely covered by your insurance, unlike corrective surgery (otoplasty/ear pinning surgery).


Where is the Ear Molding Performed? (Ear Molding  in Manhattan, Ear Molding in Brooklyn, Ear Molding in Long Island)

We currently provide ear molding in our NY and Long Island office locations. After a brief consultation the Earwell™ device can be placed during the same visit. Please call either number and choose your location.


NYC Location

210 East 68th St, Suite 1F
New York, NY 10065
(212) 485-0616

Long Island Location

1991 Marcus Ave, Suite 102
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